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Harvest Feast is a program designed to declare the whole counsel of God regarding salvation, by presenting God’s Greatest Love Gift, in the Person of Christ Jesus; through whom the depraved humanity, can escape the coming Divine wrath upon all the ungodly. The program is open to all who desire to know Jesus for the first time, or who want to grow more in His knowledge.




Pastor John is the Senior Pastor of Eternal Food Ministry, the mother-ship of Eternal Food Bank, Eternal Food Evangelistic Organization, and Eternal Food Foundation. He started out as an entrepreneur  with a degree in Agricultural Economics, Diploma in Information System management, and Masters in Business and Technology.  He later earned Doctor of Ministry degree in Biblical Studies, specializing in New Testament.

Earlier in his professional life, Pastor John had settled into a business life by managing his family business. However, God’s Divine plan became revealed when God called him to start Eternal Food Ministry. This equally changed every area of his life to be fully committed to this calling. Since the inception of his ministry works, he has  been divinely guided into reaching out to those hurting from physical food requirements and/or in deeper need of making peace with God by receiving the free gift of Salvation found only in Jesus Christ.

Under his leadership, Eternal Food Bank, and Eternal Food Evangelistic organization were established as two major units of Eternal Food Ministry devoted to meeting  physical food needs, and the preaching of life-giving gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He continues  to dedicate himself to this cause trusting God for greater exploits in His vineyard for the future.


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Harvest Feast Videos on Eternal Food TV

Join Pastor John on Harvest Feast. The program is all about the story of salvation and how choosing Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord is an intelligent choice in this life and also for eternity. (Mark 10:29-30)


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